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Guide to Wire Connection Tester for Assembled Cable Production

PIC-350 is a universal wire connection tester to test all kinds of wiring configuration.

This device can learn the connection from your original cable wiring, and subsequently test the rest of your reproduced cables.

PIC-350 wire harness tester. A productive tool that you should keep on your tool shelves.


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Test Setup for D-sub RJ11 Assembled Cable

You have an assembled cable (with D-sub and RJ11 connectors) that you mass produce and wanted to test and ensure the wiring was done correctly.

D-Sub and RJ11 connector connection tester device (PIC-350)

  1. Buy or prepare the mating connector for your D-sub connector end, and your RJ11 connector end.
    The mating connectors are for making the connection to the cables that you wanted to test.
    It acts as an adaptor interface between your cable and the PIC-350 tester.
  2. You can wire up each wire to any of the port connectors on PIC-350.
    It does not matter which port you connect because the device can learn the wiring connection on-the-fly.
    Ensure all the wiring are connected.
  3. Power up the PIC-350 through a USB mini-B cable.
  4. Connect your original master cable that has the correct connection to the PIC-350 via the adaptor interface that you had prepared in step no. 1.
  5. Press the learn button to allow the device to learn the connection from this master cable.
  6. You can then proceed to swap the cable with the cable which you want to test
  7. Press the TEST button to begin testing.
    The device will indicate a green light and a valid beep sound if the connectivity is the same.
    A red indicator and an error buzz sound will be sound if the cable does not have the same wiring connection.
  8. Continue to swap to test the remaining batch of your cables.


Similar procedures apply to other types of cable harness.
The procedures are simple and the same even those complex cable harness wiring configuration.

Wiring Connectivity Tester (PIC-350)


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