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Electronic Trigger RS232 Control Board

Electronic trigger output with RS232 control board

This is an electronic trigger board which is controlled via an RS232 communication cable. Any computer or controller can send a command through the RS232 line and trigger an optical isolated NPN output to control external devices like door or barrier.

The NPN output allows you to trigger a signal to activate other devices. If you need to use this output to control high power/current devices, you can interface this NPN output via a relay interface.

A quick test push button (optional) is available on the board which allows you to trigger the output manually without having to send the command via RS232.

The board feature a controller which the algorithm can be customised to your other special requirements.


  • trigger open for vehicle barrier control
  • vending machine
  • coin acceptor trigger emulator
  • open motorised sliding door
  • release security EM lock (electromagnetic lock) or door strike for the office door
  • trigger other external controllers
  • via an external relay switch to power on high power appliances like lighting, motor, etc…

RS232 control trigger output


  • Custom algorithm according to your requirements
  • 1x opto-isolated npn output trigger
  • Power Input 7V, 9V, 12V-24V (0.5A)
  • Convenient test button
  • RS232 communication
  • Can use normal RS232 (DB9) cable or cross cable
  • On-board mode select for pulse timing
  • Selectable output trigger, NO (normally open) or NC (normally close).
  • Selectable isolated or shared ground for npn output.
  • Small board size measuring 71 x 28mm
  • Default RS232 settings: 9600bps, 8bit data, 1 stop bit, no parity


RS232 electronic trigger control board (layout & dimension)

Custom RS232 Electronic Trigger Control Solution

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