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Electronic Reverse Engineering Reference Guide

Resources for electronic reverse engineering.

Reverse Engineering Process

Step 1: Take photos and part number of the parts from various perspective. If dimension of the part (Size, Length, Pitch) is important, record down the dimension and take photos together with a ruler or a measuring tape.

Step 2: Label and list all the components with a designator ID for all the individual components. Consolidate the quantity.

Step 3: Label all contact point on the individual component. Tablet a list of connection points to map the connections.

Step 4: Source for the components’ part-number, manufacturer, distributor (where to buy) and the price.

Marking Code References

SOT23 Marking Code

Check out the SOT23 Marking Code here.
Footprint similar to SOT23-3 (pitch 1.9mm) but smaller in size are
SC-70-3 (1.3mm), SOT323 (1.3mm), SOT416 (1mm)

Diode Marking Code

Check out the Diode Marking Code here.

National Semiconductor IC chip marking convention

SMD-CODES Databook

Active SMD Components

Marking Codes, Marking Style, Characteristics Pinout


Reference Designator on PCB board


Electronic Reverse Engineering Service

PIC-CONTROL provide electronic reverse engineering service for our business clients. Check out our electronic reverse engineering service on our website or contact us for further information.

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