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Electronic Integration

Electronic Integration, Connection Circuits

Connect Your Product or System

Whatever electronics system that you need to connect up, we can provide you with the right solution to integrate the system.

electronic sensor interface
  • New sensor you need to interface?
  • Signal / Voltage conversion problem?
  • System Integration Work?
  • Hacking to improve the system?
  • Repair system?
  • Reverse Engineering Challenge?
  • Remote / Automation Control Application ?

We can connect up any of your equipment.

Interface your system to any proprietary system.

Convert I/O, Analog Signal, RS232, RS485 or any type of information into network TCP/IP protocol.

Design Low noise analogue circuits.

Convert any electronic or electrical appliance or gadgets for I/O, Serial or network control. Home automation.

electronic sensor system integration electronic wireless digital weighting scaleelectronic wireless digital weighting scale
XBee Zigbee repeater USB electronic Wireless sensor electronic integrated interface integrated electronic environmental sensor

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