Electronic Trigger RS232 Control Board

Electronic trigger output with RS232 control board

This is an RS232 electronic trigger board which is controlled via an RS232 communication cable. Any computer or controller can send a command through the RS232 line and trigger a dry contact output (or optical isolated NPN output) to control external devices like door or barrier.

Product Code [PIC-026]

The activated output allows you to trigger a signal to activate other external interfacing devices. If you need to use this output to control high power/current devices, you can interface this output via a higher current rated relay.

A quick test push button (optional) is available on the board which allows you to trigger the output manually without having to send the command via RS232.

The board feature a controller which the algorithm can be customised to any of your special requirements.


  • trigger open for vehicle barrier control
  • vending machine
  • coin acceptor trigger emulator
  • open motorised sliding door
  • release security EM lock (electromagnetic lock) or door strike for the office door
  • trigger other external controllers
  • via an external relay switch to power on high power appliances like lighting, motor, etc…

RS232 control trigger output


  • 1x dry contact relay output trigger. (for up to 24V 0.5A signal)
  • Power up from a wide voltage range 7V, 9V, 12V-24V (0.5A).
  • Convenient test button.
  • On-board adjustable output pulse timing (20mSec to 1000mSec).
    (new model only) Adjustable POT for configuring pulse timing from 10msec to 1sec
  • Precise pulse timing can be adjusted through RS232 commands.
  • Selectable output trigger, NO (normally open) or NC (normally close).
  • Small board size measuring 71 x 28mm, light in weight.
  • RS232 communication (Can use normal RS232 (DB9) cable or cross cable).
  • Default RS232 settings: 9600bps, 8bit data, 1 stop bit, no parity.

Optional Features

  • Learning mode to clone pulse timing from an external device (e.g a coin or notes acceptor).
  • Can become a sensor to detect pulse width from an external device.
  • Opto-isolated npn transistor output trigger. (or solid state output)

Please specify your requirements or application if you require these optional features.


RS232 electronic trigger control board (layout & dimension)

Custom RS232 Electronic Trigger Control Solution

*** Check out more RS232 Pulse Switch OUTPUT Trigger device information here. ***

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Alert Alarm System | Sounder and Beacon

PIC-CONTROL customised alert alarm system. The sounder beacon provides a visual stroke light and warning siren sound to alert people of a dangerous situation ahead. A wide range of warning siren sounds to choose from with adjustable volume. Custom features like wireless remote, SMS/email messaging alert or sensor automation can be integrated to suit your application.

Sounder beacon alert signage

Sounder Beacon

  • Stroke Light (Amber or Red colour)
  • 32 siren tones to choose from. Alert, alarm or warning.
  • Adjustable volume from soft to very loud. (110dB peak at 1m, 10-50m outdoor depending on the environment)
  • Weatherproof IP65.
  • Compliance EN54 3:2001
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Voltage supply 17-60Vdc (50mA)

Wireless Remote Control

wireless remote control (for long distance control)

  • Remote control distance of 100-200m in open space.
  • 12Vdc (50mA)
  • Latched or momentary switch.

Sounder Beacon Control Box

sounder beacon wireless remote control boxwireless sounder beacon control box

Setting off the alert with a manual switch is available as an alternative to activated the system via remote control.

Wiring Diagram for Sounder Beacon with Wireless Remote Control

The following diagram shows an example of a complete wiring diagram of a wireless remote control sounder beacon alert system.

Wiring diagram for wireless sounder beacon system

Other Customisation

Drop us an email for your required alert system. Our sales engineer will get back to you shortly with a quote.

Sounder and Beacon Alarm Alert

Klaxon Sounder Beacon Products.

  • Dustproof and waterproof (IP65 for deep base version).
  • 32 Sound Tones to choose from.
  • Volume control.
  • Red/Amber Beacon light.
  • Quick and simple to install.

Suitable for Fire alarm alert, hazardous area, security public warning, railway and marine.


Sound alarm as an alert to passerby people. Sound range about 10-50m on an open space outdoor environment.

Sounder IP65

Sounder product brochure (sounder-sonos.pdf)

Sounder Beacon

Visual alert with sound alarm and a strobe light to warn people about the danger ahead or hazard work in progress.

Sounder Beacon (IP65)

Sounder Beacon product brochure (sounder-beacon-sonos.pdf)

Alarm Tone to choose from

Click on the following sound file to listen to the range of alarm tone that you can select from your sounder beacon.

  1. audio alarm-tone01.mp3
  2. audio alarm-tone02.mp3
  3. audio alarm-tone03.mp3
  4. audio alarm-tone04.mp3
  5. audio alarm-tone05.mp3
  6. audio alarm-tone06.mp3
  7. audio alarm-tone07.mp3
  8. audio alarm-tone08.mp3
  9. audio alarm-tone09.mp3
  10. audio alarm-tone10.mp3
  11. audio alarm-tone11.mp3
  12. audio alarm-tone12.mp3
  13. audio alarm-tone13.mp3
  14. audio alarm-tone14.mp3
  15. audio alarm-tone15.mp3
  16. audio alarm-tone16.mp3
  17. audio alarm-tone17.mp3
  18. audio alarm-tone18.mp3
  19. audio alarm-tone19.mp3
  20. audio alarm-tone20.mp3
  21. audio alarm-tone21.mp3
  22. audio alarm-tone22.mp3
  23. audio alarm-tone23.mp3
  24. audio alarm-tone24.mp3
  25. audio alarm-tone25.mp3
  26. audio alarm-tone26.mp3
  27. audio alarm-tone27.mp3
  28. audio alarm-tone28.mp3
  29. audio alarm-tone29.mp3
  30. audio alarm-tone30.mp3
  31. audio alarm-tone31.mp3
  32. audio alarm-tone32.mp3


Automated Awning Shade Wiring for Rain Sensor

Automated Awning Shade using a Rain Sensor

Automated awning will open its shade when the weather is raining, and retract the shade when the sky turns fine. A rain sensor is used to detect the rain. A switch can be wired for manual or automatic control of the motorised awning shade.

Automated Rain Sensor Awning Shelter.

Automated Awning Shade, Rain Sensor Wiring

An example of the automated awning rain sensor wiring for the automatic and manual control of the shade.

The cable to the outdoor rain sensor needs a minimum of 3 wires to work. A jumper wire can be wired inside the rain sensor to supply the 12V supply to the internal relay. This will enable the output (NO, normally open) to be energised when the rain sensor is activated. Hence a minimum of 3 wires is enough for the rain sensor. For a more flexible implementation, we will recommend 4-5 wires connection.

Check out the step by step rain sensor installation guide, for more details.

Automated rain sensor awning shelter wiring.

Rain Sensor Automated System Integration

Automatic rain sensing awning passenger waiting for a taxi

The automatic awning will be opened up when the rain sensor detects raining activity. The sensitivity of the rain detection can be adjusted.

If the rain activity has stopped, the awning will remain opened for about 2-3 minutes before it starts to retract the awning up. If a longer time period is needed, you can set the DIP switch no. 4 on the sensor to extend the resting time to 15 minutes.

Auto rain sensing or manual awning control switch

An operator can select “Auto” mode on the switch, which allows the rain sensor to open the awning automatically when it rains. The “Manual” mode allows the operator to manually open or retract the awning with the Up/Down switch on the righthand side.

You can refer to the wiring diagram as featured in the previous section above.

You may like to check a wireless or network rain sensor notification system for a more integrated information technology system.

Check out this page for more information about this wet weather rain sensor.

Rain Sensor

Contact PIC-CONTROL for a custom automated rain sensor control system today.

Sensors Data Logging

Data logging system design for sensors monitoring and test data recording. PIC-CONTROL can custom design a logging system specifically for your business use.

Sensor data logging system. Custom Design.

Sensor Data Logging Features

  • Type of Sensor Interface
  • Data Log Interface
  • Time-stamp of Data Logged
  • Power Supply

Type of Sensor Interface

There are many types of sensor connection interface.

  • Voltage ranges 0-3.3Vdc, 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc
  • Current interface 4mA to 20mA (Old standard, but still commonly used)
  • Digital communication interface, I2C, SPI, USART, RS232, RS485, Ethernet
  • Wheatstone Bridge

Data Log Interface

There are a number of data interfaces to choose from. It depends on your application.

Data collecting using a memory card is suitable for a standalone application where you want to leave the system to do the measurement or monitoring. You can collect the data at a later time, and open the file with your Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc software for manual data analysis. The logged data can be presented with a timestamp for your archive. The amount of data collected will depend on the data being logged, the memory size of the storage and the time frequency of each data sample.

For an application that requires real-time data collection or real-time data analytic, you should consider using Ethernet communication line. Ethernet communication system is also more efficient when you are collecting from a number of sensors deployed to various different location.

  • microSD memory card
  • USB Thumb Drive
  • Harddisk
  • Cloud Server, Webserver data storage
  • Ethernet communication network
  • Wireless WiFi, Bluetooth, XBee
  • USB
  • RS232, RS485

Wireless sensors and equipment for monitoring weight. Sensors’ data are being transmitted via the internet for data logging to the cloud server.

XBee wireless sensors collecting data and sending them to the internet cloud.     Weight sensor monitoring through the internet WebService.

Timestamp of Data Logged

Date and time logging is typically necessary for analytic. This is also known as the data timestamp. This is especially useful for fast changing sensor data. Data logged can be archived for future reference.

Power Supply

The recommended method of powering up the data logging system is to use the wall mains 230Vac power supply.

For outdoor data collection, you may like to have your data logging system plugged to your vehicle for power or have it powered up from a battery.

A logger system can have the battery built in. There is a limit to how much power a battery can supply. For longer data collection usage, a large size battery will be needed. It usually means more bulky and heavy. There will be a charging function to charge up the built-in rechargeable battery.

Sensor Storage

Built case for storing sensitive equipment and dedicated sensors. Neat and protect against wear and tear.

Easy storage for your equipment and sensors

Custom Data Logging System

Email PIC-CONTROL today for your custom sensor data logging system. We are able to design and custom built the system for your business. Custom built set starts from S$2500 and above.

Rain Detection & Alert Notification System

Rain detection alert and notification system

Rain Detection (Alert Notification Process)

  1. The Rain Sensor that is installed outdoor detects raining.
  2. The indoor rain signage gets illuminated to indicate that it is currently raining outside.
  3. An alarm sounds to alert nearby personnel.
  4. Personnel can push the mute button to acknowledge the alert.
  5. The alarm can be muted, but the rain signage is still illuminated as long as it is still raining.
  6. Rain signage will be turned off when the raining activity is stopped for about 2 or 10 mins.
  7. The buzzer will not sound off again if the rain is stopped for less than 30 minutes.

Optional Features for Rain Detection System

Email Alert Notification

  • Email alert notification.

SMS Notification System

  • Option SMS alert using online cloud services.
    • Cheaper than traditional monthly SMS subscription sim card.
    • No need SMS modem or SMS sim card.
    • Requires SMS cloud service subscription.
    • Requires internet connection.

Wireless Connectivity

  • Wireless connectivity over 300-500m (in open space).

Rain Detection for Outdoor Premises or Activities

Rain sensor can be used to enhance the safety of outdoor activities. Outdoor play area can be deactivated when rain is detected to discourage children from their playing activities.

Rain detection for safe outdoor water play area activities.

Custom Rain Sensor Automated System

The rain sensor system can also be integrated directly with automated awning shade system, automated gate, door or window system.

It can also be used as a sensor to alert or halt outdoor aqua playground system to protect children from dangerous activities when the weather is bad.

Check out this page for more information about this wet weather rain sensor.

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Alarm Monitoring Panel Interface Board

RM20 Diodes PCB Circuit Board

RM20 Alarm Monitoring PCB Circuit Board

The RM20 is an alarming monitoring interface board in an electrical panel for remote monitoring of any fault status. Any fault detected will light up the indicator on the electrical panel.

An alarm can be trigger from this diode board when a fault occurred and is detected. The monitoring personnel can then be notified to resolved the detected fault.

This alarm monitoring board is designed to be compact with neat labeling on the board. There are jumpers for each connection which allows you to configure for the alarm activation. There is also a test connection which allows you to test and check if all the fault indicator is in good working condition.

Panel Alarm Monitoring interface board     Alarming Monitoring Interface Panel Board

RM20 Alarm Monitoring Interface Board

The alarm board is design using diodes which allow power to flow to the panel indicator on the monitoring electrical box. This diode board design helps to reduce the possible massive wiring work for the electrical box installation saving precious time and manpower costing. All diodes are surface which are located on the bottom of the board.

Alarm Monitoring Interface to Light Indicator using diodes

Alarm Monitoring PCB circuit board dimension drawing

The alarm monitoring board has a size of about 131 x 30mm.

This board is design to be stacked in a staggered top-bottom configuration so that it is easier for any technician to wire up the board. It is also designed so that this board can be mounted to a DIN rail using a standard DIN rail mounting bracket kit.

alarm monitoring circuit board drawing

Alarm Monitoring Interface Board (from Hong Lam)

RM20 Alarm Monitoring from Hong Lam Engineering

Alarm Monitoring Board from Hong Lam Engineering Pte. Ltd.

Or click here for LED Indicator Light Panel Board for monitoring the status of your 12V 24V electrical system.

PIC-CONTROL provides custom electronic design and production.

We can design a diode board for your project application.

Check out our website for more custom electronic engineering services

or solution to simplify your electrical box wiring.

Observatory Dome Automation Control System

Dome Automation Control for Astronomy

automated electronic controlled dome slit telescope

Astronomy Automated Control for
Observatory Dome


Customised integrated dome control system with the astronomy software “TheSkyX Pro” from SOFTWARE BISQUE and “Boltwood Cloud Sensor 2” from Diffraction Limited.

automated electronic controlled dome slit telescope

Paramount ME Mount II (Equatorial Mount) for the telescope, inside an Observatory Dome Motorised 3.0m Steel Astronomical Dome.

integration for dome control software

The Paramount ME Mount II is big and filled with many advanced features for astronomy observation.The multiple axis equatorial mount poses a problem when deployed in a small and tight observatory dome. The mounted telescope and its allowed movement are as big as the dome’s space available. The default dome azimuth generated from the SkyXPro software is not aligned with the telescope view.Software Re-mapping of Dome slit opening position to cater for any form of automated telescope system which the scope vision is offset from the centre of the small dome.

Dome Azimuth Mapping File to align the dome slit to the correct direction.

Screen capture of the dome’s azimuth mapping file. This mapping file ensures that the dome slit opening is always following the telescope mounted on the Paramount ME Mount II.

electronic dome automation system integration

Testing and commissioning the dome control system.

Java Program to Automate Observatory Dome Control

Java running at the back end controlling the hardware of the dome automation system.

automation electronic for the controlling the integrated dome slit

Junction box for Automated Dome Controller. The controller uses solid state controller (no mechanical wear and tear, no mechanical noise), long operating lifespan.

Weather Sensor for Observatory Dome Automation ControlWeather Sensor Status Report

Boltwood Cloud Sensor 2 weather and rain sensor to ensure that the telescope is protected from the bad weather.

SkyXPro Software Telescope Control Interface

SkyXPro Telescope and Dome control software interface.

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