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Cashless Payment in Malaysia

  • Touch n GO cashless card payment Touch n GO
  • Alipay QR Code Payment Alipay (QR code)
  • Visa Credit Card Payment Visa
  • MasterCard PaymentMasterCard
  • American Express Payment American Express
  • UnionPay Payment UnionPay
  • JCB Payment (Japan) JCB
  • MyDebit Card Payment MyDebit

Automated Vending Machine Integratation

Contact our sales engineer from PIC-CONTROL for your automated payment terminal integration.

Customised HAT | Attachment Board for Raspberry Pi

 Custom HAT, attachment board for Raspberry Pi

Customised Module for Raspberry Pi

We can help you customise an attachment suitable for your application.
Ensure that you device can be as compact in size as possible.
Neater and more reliable wiring connection.

Consolidating your circuit modules onto a single Raspberry Pi Hat module.

Raspberry Pi Stacking attachment board design

More customise features

  • Power up your Raspberry Pi from a wider input voltage range from 12Vdc to 24Vdc.
  • Communication feature RS232, RS485, Zigbee, Wifi, etc…
  • Digital I/O (input/output).
  • Analog signal sensing inputs.
  • Sensors inteface.
  • NFC or RFID attachment.
  • LED lighting effect control.
  • Motor driver and control.
  • GPS geographic location sensing.
  • User Graphic Display.

Contact PIC-CONTROL in Singapore for more information.

Other Raspberry Pi Form Factors and Models

Raspberry Pi Model BRaspberry Pi Model ARaspberry Pi Zero

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+
  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  • Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
  • Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+
  • Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+
  • Raspberry Pi 1 Zero W (with wireless and Bluetooth)
  • Raspberry Pi 1 Zero
  • Compute Module 3, Module 3 Lite, Module 1
  • Compute Module IO Board V3

Raspberry Pi Compute ModuleRaspberry Pi Compute Model I/O Board


Cashless Payment System Singapore


Looking for a cashless payment system for your automated machines?

PIC-CONTROL provides solution to allow your machines to accept cashless payment in Singapore.
We have a simple package plan to help you automate your machine to collect payment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Advantages of a Cashless Payment System

More and more customers are using a cashless card to make payment for their purchase. Customer may not have enough cash notes/coin but they definitely have a cashless card for their daily shopping or transportation in Singapore.

  1. Increase Sales
  2. Fast and Convenient
  3. No more collection and handling of cash money notes/coins
  4. Reduce the administration, operation, maintenance and banking cost.
  5. Daily transaction report
  6. Able to accept a variety of payment amount (unlike a notes or coin acceptor).
  7. More robust (no mechanical part)
  8. Customer does not need to look for cash notes/coins for the purchase.
  9. Machine does not need to return change or hold cash.

The use of a cashless payment system eliminate the need of handling of coins. Coins handling charges by the bank can be very costly.


More and more customers are carrying less cash (coins and notes) in their wallet. Cashless is more convenient and faster transaction. Improve and automate your sales by using a cashless payment system.

  • for Vending Machines
  • Washer/Dryer machines
  • Storage Cabinets
  • Ticketing machines
  • Payment Kiosks
  • Food voucher machines
  • Arcade gaming machines
  • Toy catcher machines
  • Kiddy Rides
  • Coffee Machine
  • Drinks Dispenser
  • Fresh Water dispenser
  • Locker Station

Cashless Payment for soft drinks dispenser mahine     Cashless Payment for snacks vending machines     Cashless Payment for Toy Catcher machine

Cashless Payment for Drink dispenser machine     Cashless Payment for Coffee Machine     Cashless payment for Kiddy Ride machine

Cashless Payment System for Machines

We offer Rental Package

For $5-$8 dollars a day, you will get to own your cashless payment system
to increase your sales and improve your operational efficiency.

Why Rental?

Focus on your business and leave your engineering headache to us.

We have design this package to help businesses cap the cost of maintaining a cashless payment system, as well as lowering the initial engineering cost. Simple to understand price ceiling so that you will not have any price shock.

Technical engineering care support is inclusive in this rental package to ensure that any of your technical problem will be resolved. Free consultation on your machine even if it is not relating to the payment system. This is our support to ensure that your machine will operates smoothly. You success is our success.

Cashless Payment System Singapore

Package Monthly Rental Rate (2 years contract, billed yearly)
[1] Wired internet connectivity available onsite. S$150 per month
[2] No internet connectivity available onsite. or Wireless connectivity. S$210 per month

** Rental package is INCLUSIVE of integration work. Subjected to our sales engineer’s assessment.

** Typical lead time for the engineering integration work takes about 6-8 weeks time.

** Standard vending payment procedures. (MDB Payment Terminal model)

** Price package is subjected to our project feasibility assessment.


We would like to make the pricing clear and simple to understand for our clients.

  • 1 year advance rental payment. (assuming Package [1], this will be S$1800)
  • 3 months rental deposit. (assuming Package [1], this will be S$450)

The total down payment for Package [1] is $2250 + GST.
Subsequent rental payment will be collected yearly in advance.

Other charges

  • Per transaction charges (typically 0.8%, 1.6% to 3%-5%). Depending on your selected payment service provider. Ezlink, Nets and Banks for (Visa, MasterCard)
  • Opening of account is required for each type of card payment that you want to accept. There is no charges to the opening of the accounts from us. Some banks or service provider may charge a small fee for using their facilities. You can source or negotiate for a better rate.

Not inclusive of

Every project is unique on its own. If your project requires additional complex work there may be additional engineering cost involve. We can waive off simple engineering work. Please contact us for an assessment. The additional cost would probably comes from the following scenario.

  • Electrical and cabling work.
  • Complex custom enclosure work.
  • Complex integration work.
  • Non-standard vending payment procedure. (Customised payment process, or non-MDB payment process.)
    Click here to read more about the standard MDB payment process here.
  • Additional note collecting peripheral (+$50/month)
  • Additional coin collecting peripheral (+$10/month)

Site infrastructure that you should provision for your project

The following are some of the infrastructure you can start to provision for your cashless payment system.

  1. 1x or 2x Power Point Socket
  2. 1x Ethernet socket (with connectivity to the internet)
  3. Connectivity to machines (May not be applicable to your project)

For your reference, you can check out the dimension size of the payment reader terminal for your machine.

For remote mobile data connection option, check out the standard size dimension of the 3G/4G router modem.

Cashless Payment Mode

There are various card and mobile phone payment available to choose from. Additional charges applies for each transaction. Some providers or banks may charge for opening an account with them. The account offered may change from time to time. So it is good to compare the package offered and negotiate with them for the best rate. We will guide you along for your account opening when you take up our rental package.

The following are the payment mode available to choose from,

  • Ez-Link (CEPAS)
  • Net FlashPay (CEPAS)
  • Visa PayWave
  • MasterCard PayPass
  • AMEX
  • SGQR
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

Custom Cashless Payment Integration

Send in your enquiry to PIC-CONTROL today for your customised cashless payment system.

Send in the following information,

  1. Photos of your machinery.
  2. Machine Documentation (User Manual, Technical Manual, etc…)


Hotel Card Key Switch

Contactless Card Key Switch for
Hotel, Dormitory or Rental Room

This card key switch is designed to be activated by a contactless card. Only a contactless card can activate this switch for powering up the electrical system in a room. A normal card cannot trigger this card key

contactless hotel card key holder

Blue Glow Indicating Card Key Holder

Card key holder will glow softly in the dark to guide the guest to slot in their contactless card key.

The relay switch gets activated to turn on external power control system. The power system will switch on the electrical system in the room.


blue glowing hotel card key switch

Key Card Switch operated by RFID electronic circuit

Custom RFID reader circuit for hotel card key

RFID Switch BMS-RFS001-V1 circuit board for hotel card keyRFID Switch BMS-RF001-V1


RFID Switch product by PLC Systems Technik, Philippines

Note: Please take note that this is only the key card holder to detect the contactless card. It cannot be used to power up your electrical appliance. External power control system is required to power up the rest of the electrical appliances within the room. The following examples of high current appliances have to be powered up by an external interface.

  • Aircon
  • Lightings in the room
  • Heater
  • Fridge
  • TV
  • etc…

Other Custom RFID Products


Cable Harness Tester Equipment

Tester for your cables harness production

Affordable Cable Tester

Click here to check for a simple comparison table of cable tester equipment.



PIC-350 Cable Harness Connectivity Tester

PIC-350 Cable Harness Connectivity Tester


Very affordable and productive connectivity test for your assembled wired.

  • Ability to learn from a good cable connection sample in a few seconds.
  • Test your production cable in a second.
  • Pass/Fail test feedback with Buzzer sound & LED indicators.
  • 64 test connections (cascade to expand for more test connections)
  • Portable size and light in weight.
  • USB 5V powered (can be powered up by power bank too).
  • Stand-alone tester.
  • Connection report display available via the USB port.
  • Tester for any types of cable’s connector.
  • Interface available to trigger external equipment/devices.
  • Safe, Simple and Easy to use.
  • At a very affordable cost.
  • Operating Power: USB 5V
  • Size:  130mm x 65mm x 35mm
  • Weight: 400g

KT210 Cable Tester (Low Cost)

CTS KT210 Cable TesterCTS Combined Test Solutions logo

  • Stand-alone (no need a computer attached)
  • Self-learning of a good cable connection.
  • Test result report
  • Different languages to choose from
  • Test up to 512, expandable up to 2048 connection points.
  • Low voltage test 12Vdc 10mA
  • Continuity test, short circuit test and component testing.
  • Microsoft® network interface
  • USB 2.0 interfaces
  • 2 GB storage for test programs and results data (expandable)
  • Remote maintenance via network.
  • Interfaces to control external apparatus such as cutter, marker etc.

1000RX Cable Tester (Low Cost)

CTS 1000RX Cable TesterCirris Systems logo

  • Fast and easy testing
  • 128 test points expandable to 256 points.
  • Detects open, short circuit, or miswiring with resistance as low as 0.1 ohms.
  • Design for high volume testing.
  • Display for the operator (2 lines x 16 characters)
  • Step-by-step assembly instructions.
  • Allows connection to a computer for admin configuration and test data report.
  • Wire identification probe.
  • Test at 5.5Vdc
  • Resistance threshold from 0.1ohm to 5Mohm.
  • Test report print out.
  • Power required: 115Vac/230Vac
  • Size:  270mm x 170mm x 50mm
  • Weight: 1900g


uTestem Electrical Analyzer for cable harnessEMDEP logo

  • Hardware self test
  • Connector lock test
  • Detection test
  • Open circuit test
  • Short circuit test
  • Resistance threshold setting
  • 128 test points expandable to 256 points.
  • Display for the operator (4 lines x 40 characters)
  • Buzzer
  • Interface to external equipment/devices
  • Power required: 115Vac/230Vac
  • Size:  300mm x 100mm x 125mm
  • Weight: 2500g

PAL1570 PC Cable-Check Cable Tester

Cable Depot PAL1570 PC cable testercable depot logo

  • Suitable for cable/connectors normally used on a computer PC.
  • Identify open, short, and wrong wiring connection
  • RJ45, RJ11, RJ12, RG58/59 BNC
  • DB09, DB15 DB25 male/female connectors
  • DH15 (VGA) male/female connectors
  • USB type A, B and mini plug
  • 1394 Firewire
  • MD04 (SVHS / MD06 (PS/2 Keyboard or Mouse) jacks
  • CN36 female connector
  • Operates from 9V battery
  • Size:  280mm x 169mm x 46mm
  • Weight: 7700g

PC Cable Tester

PC Cable TesterHobbes Innovation logo

Model No.: 258991A (USB, 1394, SATA)

  • Tester for commonly used cables on a computer.
  • Test cable connectivity, open/short/crossed/mis-wiring/continuity.
  • Test for cross cable.
  • Connectors: TX: DB25 M/F, DB9 M/F, HDB 15/M, RJ-45/F, RX: Centronics 36/F, DB25 M/F, DB9 M/F, HD15/F, DB15F, RJ-45/F
  • Operates from 9V battery or 9Vdc power jack
  • Size:  250mm x 130mm x 35mm
  • Weight: 400g

Multi Function Cable Tester Pro

Multi Function Cable Tester ProLindy Connection Perfection

  • Portable
  • Quick and Easy to use
  • Check for open/short/cross/mis-wiring and continuity problem.
  • Support 18 types of cables
  • USB connection for up to 100 test results.
  • Driver software available for download.
  • Screen display.
  • Connectors: IDC40, IDC34, DVI29, HDB15M/F, DB9M/F, COAX, BNC, RJ11, RJ45, 1394-6P, 1394-4P, SATA, USB(A/B), HDMI, RCA
  • Operates from 9Vdc power


CT-16 Cable Tester

CT-16 Cable Tester   CT-16 Cable Tester (IDC connection adaptor)

WireBasics logo

Perfect for testing cables of all kinds and wire harness assemblies.

  • Programmable logic to detect open short and cross connection.
  • IDC connectors (suitable for general cable testing)
  • IDC adaptors kits add-on for your own cable’s connector type.
  • Pass/Fail indicators
  • Interface to external devices
  • Portable compact and light weight.
  • Operates from 9V battery

High-End Cable Tester

8740N Cable Harness Tester

Microtest 8740N Cable Harness TesterMicrotest logo


Cable Eye M2U Full Cable Tester

CAMI CableEye Full Cable TesterCAMI Research logo


UT8080 Series

UT8080 Cable Harness PCB FPC TesterUTRON logo


Benair B857 Connection Tester

Benair B857 Connection Tester


NX Hipot Test System

Hipot Tester for cablesDynalab logo



High Voltage Cable Tester

CableEye HVX

CAMI CableEye High Voltage TesterCAMI Research logo



Cable Tester Equipment Comparison

Cable Tester Catagory Affordable         High-end

Low cost cable connection tester

CT-16 Cable Tester

PC Cable Tester
Multi Function Cable Tester Pro
CTS KT210 Cable Tester
Microtest 8740N Cable Harness Tester
Hipot Tester for cables
Cheap (price as of May-2019) √√


Easy to operate √√√   X
Easy to setup √√   X
Low power USB (5V) 9V batt 9V batt 9V power   X
Portable (small in size) √√   X
Fast testing  
Test more than 100 connections need to cascade X X    
Can generate Test Report        
Insulation Test (high voltage) X X X X  
Conductivity Test (high current) X X X X  
Interface to external devices        
Suitable for any cable/connectors X  

Customised Your Own Cable Tester

Customised design and made cable tester for your production testingProduct wiring connection tester

PIC-CONTROL can help you design and custom made a cable tester for your production needs.

A dedicated test can be designed onto the tester.

  • Basic connectivity check for the connection to the correct pin on the connectors.
  • Ohm test or resistivity test for your wires and connectors.
  • High voltage test, to ensure the wires are properly insulated.
  • High-speed data or RF test to ensure signal integrity quality of your assembled cable.


Other Relevant Products

Wire Connector Checker

Cable Harness Tester

D-Sub and RJ11 connector connection tester device (PIC-350)

PIC-350 Cable Harness Connectivity Tester

Efficient cable testing tool that you must have for your cable production and maintenance work.


Cable Harness Connectivity Tester | PIC-350

Improve your efficiency and quality of your cable harness assembly production using this cable harness tester. Fast checking to ensure that your harness wiring is done correctly by your operators.

  • Testing of cable harness connectivity for your production line.
  • Reverse engineering of any unknown cable wiring connection.
  • A portable tester for onsite cable checking.
  • Using it as an electrical wire tester to check for electrical connection.
  • Automated connection checking on PCB board.
  • Multiple wire cable tester.
  • Test setup to capture intermediate cable issue due to broken or loose wiring connection.

This cable tester is also designed for interfacing to your existing equipment machinery and computer to allow for a fully automated testing system.


  • Reduce production time.
  • Reduce labour cost.
  • Improve quality with reduced defects.
  • Suitable for small to large scale cable production

Video Demonstration

online electronic circuit kit Singapore | PIC-storeClick here to buy.

Simple To Use

This cable harness tester is designed to be simple to you. You can train the tester with your working set of cable harness. The tester will base on this master cable harness to test if the subsequent cables.

Features of Cable Harness Tester

To make your testing production process easier, you can connect the mating connector for your cable harness to the tester first. This allows you to connect your cable harness faster to the tester. You can connect the wire to any terminal. There is no specific port to connect because this tester can self-learn your cable connection. Simply ensure that all your wires are connected to one of the screw terminals. The tester can learn and memories the connection of your good working master cable harness connection.

Once the tester has learned the wiring connection from your cable harness, you can start to test your production cables using the same connection. A green light flash indicating “Passed means that the cable matches the master cable connectivity. A red light flashing indicates a “Failed” test. There will also be a beep sound option to allow the operator to know the test status without them having to pay attention to the light indicator.

Basic Features

This cable harness tester provides the basic testing of your harness wiring connection to your connectors. Ensure your production quality by checking all the connection on your cable harness.

PIC-350 Cable Harness Connectivity Tester

online electronic circuit kit Singapore | PIC-store
Click here to buy

  • Low-cost cable connection tester kit.
  • Checks all open/close connection between all the wire terminals on your cable.
  • Small size, light weight (easy portable).
  • Power using USB from wall plug or via portable power bank.
  • Beep sound alert (enable or disable).
  • Auto-start testing when the cable is connected or manual press button to start.
  • Screw terminal to allow you to easily setup with your own connector for your cable harness test.
  • Master connection learned will still be retained after power-off.
  • Generate test report for you to see the connection of unknown wiring for your documentation.
  • Test setup to capture intermediate wire connection problem.
  • Test up to 64 connector’s termination points/nodes per tester. For more then 64 points, you can link-up with multiple PIC-350 tester.
  • External interface allows tester to be controlled with your automated machine or link-up with multiple PIC-350 tester.

Tester powered by USB cable

The test method implemented in this cable tester uses pulse signal through each and every pin to detect if a particular connection is open or close. The continuity result will be checked with the learned master connection to determine if the connection is correct.

General purpose cable connection continuity checking. The screw terminals provide you with the flexibility to use this tester for any of your cable harness connectors. If you prefer to have a specific connector tailor-made for your cable harness assembly, you can contact us for your customisation.

Generate Connection Test Report

This cable tester operates with just a simple USB power supply. When connected to a computer/laptop the tester can display a detailed connectivity report of the assembled cable harness. You can use this report to find out how this cable harness is assembled, how each individual pins is connected to each other. A handy instrument tool for reverse engineering of any unknown cables.

Click here for more information about this cable tester.

<- Cable Test Report generated from PIC-350 Cable Tester

Enhance Features

Custom use interface to cable harness tester PIC-350

online electronic circuit kit Singapore | PIC-store
Click here to buy

Typical Tester Application Guide

D-sub and RJ11 connector connection test setup

Click here for more information about the cable test setup procedures.

D-Sub and RJ11 connector connection tester device (PIC-350)

Custom cable harness wiring connectivity test setup

Cable harness connectivity tester (PIC-350)

Cable wiring production testing tool (with a Start TEST button)Cable Harness Wire TesterCable Harness Wire Tester

Custom cable tester design service

We can custom made to have your connectors on board so that it is neat (without connecting wires) and cater specially for your particular cable harness.

The tester can also be designed with a PCB board adaptor. This allows you to swap the connector type to match the connector of your cable harness assembly. It can also be custom made to fit your test jig fixture or machines, to allow for a fully automated production system.

Customised your productivity tool today.

For a customised wire connection testing for your unique cable’s connector, please contact us with your design requirements.

Cable Harness Tester

Click here for more other cable harness tester products.

Other Custom Tester Services

Cable Harness Wire Tester

online electronic circuit kit Singapore | PIC-store
Click here to buy

Payment Terminal Singapore (Ezlink, PayFlash, PayWave and PayPass)

Cashless Payment Terminal

iUC180 Payment Terminal for cashless transactioniUC180 Payment Terminal
(EVA mounting standard for vending machine)
Power rating: 10-45Vdc (2A)
Check out the dimension size of this cashless card payment terminal.

iUP250 Payment Terminal for cashless transactioniUP250 Payment Terminal

iUR250 Payment Terminal for cashless transactioniUP250 Payment Terminal

Some other payment terminal accept up to 4 SAM card.

Check out our cashless payment terminal system rental package at
$5-$8 dollars a day
(integration engineering fee included).

Contactless Cashless Payment in Singapore

The following is a list of commonly used cashless card type in Singapore.

  • Ez-Link (CEPAS)
  • NETS PayFlash (CEPAS)
  • PayWave
  • PayPass
  • SGQR

Ez-Link payment (CEPAS)

NETS FlashPay payment (CEPAS)

Visa PayWave payment

Mastercard PayPass payment

SG QR code cashless payment


Cashier Monitoring System (Real Time Transaction Recording)

A monitoring system for your cashier payment transaction at your front desk.

Real time video recording with the transaction data can be archive onto your server for future audit.


  • cashier security.
  • payment transaction audit.
  • cashier training.
  • service quality monitoring.
  • operation analysis

Cashier Monitoring System (Cashier Transaction Recording)

Text Insert onto Video Stream

The cashier monitoring system is design to collect data from your cashier POS system (point-of-sales), payment terminal (contactless card, credit card), CCTV camera and other form of electronic sensor equipment. The collected data can be customised and display onto the video stream as an overlay.

The video recording can then be archive onto your server for your keeping.

This can help businesses to assess the payment process and cashier transaction to further improve business operation.

Insert Text onto Video Stream for Display

Customised text information can be inserted onto the display to assist the monitoring of the video with the relevant information presented at the time of recording.

  • Date and Time of the video/recording
  • Transaction ID
  • Number of scanned items
  • Total sales amount
  • Payment method (cash, contactless card, credit card, etc…)
  • Duration of the transaction

The system consider of a on-screen display (OSD) engine which can render the information on the monitoring screen.

This cashier transaction monitoring system will collect transaction data from the POS cashier (point-of-sales) and payment terminal, displaying on the screen in real time.

Depending on your application, customised sensor data can be collected and display real time onto your video recording.

Transaction and Sensor Information Overlay onto Video Recording

Video recording with text information overlay


Other useful application,

  • Cashier Monitoring with video recording of business transaction.
  • POS system (point-of-sales)
  • Vehicle Car Number Identification video archive (license plate OCR).
  • Customer queue number display on TV screen.
  • Video recording with Sensor data monitoring information.
  • Advertisement and announcement boardcast to a TV display.


You can customise the text information overlay onto video.

Contact Vitcomm Pte. Ltd. for further information.

Vitcomm logo

Simulator Singapore (Realistic Machine Operating and Training)

Looking Machine Simulator manufacturer in Singapore?

PIC-CONTROL can custom build simulator machines for your training needs.

The simulator provides practical training with realistic motion and Virtual environment.

Optional VR (Virtuality Reality) 3D visualisation training.

Conduct your training safely in a more effective and productive manner.

Forklift Simulator Machine for Safety Training     Virtual environment display for machine simulator (safe training)

Design and develop a dedicate training simulator for your operation.

Contact PIC-CONTROL now for your simulator machine manufacturing.

Logistic Simulator Machines

  • Forklift Simulator Machine
  • Trailer Vehicle Simulator (Logistic Vehicle Simulator)

Simulator Machine Safety Training (Forklift)     Steering control and foot pedal to control and a simulator machine (Virtual Environment)

Construction Machines Simulator

  • Heavy Excavator Crane Simulator Machine
  • Construction Digger Driver
  • Truck Driving Simulator
  • Dump Truck Simulator
  • Mining Shovel & Excavator Simulator
  • Wheel Loader Simulator
  • Tipper Truck Simulator
  • Dozer Simulator

Aviation Simulator

  • Private Jet Simulator
  • Commercial Plane Simulator
  • Helicopter Simulator

Simulation Training System, Flight Aviation for pilots     Flight simulator cockpit control panel

Marine Simulator Vehicle

  • Yacht Boat Simulator
  • Ship Simulator
  • Sail Simulator

Military Firearms Training Simulator Machine

  • Battle Tank Simulator
  • Armour Vehicle Simulator
  • Artillery Weapons Simulator
  • Gun Weapons Simulator System

Transportation Driving Simulator

  • Bus/Truck Driving Simulator Vehicle (Heavy Motor Vehicle Simulator)
  • Car Driving Simulator Vehicle (Light Motor Vehicle Simulator)
  • Motorcycle Bike Simulator
  • Emergency Vehicle Simulator

On the Road Training Drive Simulation System

VR (Virtual Reality) Headsets Virtual Environment Gaming

  • Ski Simulator

Realistic environment using VR headsets (goggles)

Virtual Reality Simulator Machine creates a realistic training experience.

Safety Training Simulators and Facility

Simulator Machine Supplier in Singapore

Custom build simulator software and machine for your unique operator training.

For your customised training simulator machine solution, you can

contact PIC-CONTROL for further information.


Short Circuit Alarm

A short circuit can happen which can interrupt your equipment or other electronic devices.

Custom Short Circuit Alarm

We can custom design short-circuit detector to sense any abnormal condition and trigger an alarm alert.


Check out our custom electronic design service or contact PIC-CONTROL for more information.