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Coin Notes Acceptor and Dispenser Machines Singapore

This page contain references to buying of a coin dispensing machine and notes-to-coin machine.

Bills and Coins Machine Product Companies

Bills to Coins Changer

Notes to Coin changer machine

Bills Validater / Note Acceptor

Money Notes Acceptor device

Coi Accepter

Coin Acceptor device

Coin Dispenser (Hopper)

Coin Dispenser device

Cashless Payment Terminal

Cashless payment collection terminal

Check out the following for cashless payment solution in Singapore.

-> Click here for cashless payment terminal products.

-> Click here for the cashless payment system.

Customised HAT | Attachment Board for Raspberry Pi

 Custom HAT, attachment board for Raspberry Pi

Customised Module for Raspberry Pi

We can help you customise an attachment suitable for your application. The device can be compact in size.

Raspberry Pi Stacking attachment board design

More customise features

  • Power up your Raspberry Pi from a wider input voltage range from 12Vdc to 24Vdc.
  • Communication feature RS232, RS485, Zigbee, Wifi, etc…
  • Digital I/O (input/output).
  • Analog signal sensing inputs.
  • Sensors inteface.
  • NFC or RFID attachment.
  • LED lighting effect control.
  • Motor driver and control.
  • GPS geographic location sensing.
  • User Graphic Display.

Contact PIC-CONTROL in Singapore for more information.

Other Raspberry Pi Form Factors and Models

Raspberry Pi Model BRaspberry Pi Model ARaspberry Pi Zero

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  • Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
  • Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+
  • Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+
  • Raspberry Pi 1 Zero W (with wireless and Bluetooth)
  • Raspberry Pi 1 Zero
  • Compute Module 3, Module 3 Lite, Module 1
  • Compute Module IO Board V3

Raspberry Pi Compute ModuleRaspberry Pi Compute Model I/O Board



Cashless Payment System Singapore


Looking for a cashless payment system for your automated machines?

Cashless Payment Integration Singapore

PIC-CONTROL provides solution to allow your machines to accept cashless payment in Singapore.
We have a simple package plan to help you automate your machine to collect payment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Advantages of a Cashless Payment System

More and more customers are using a cashless card to make payment for their purchase. Customer may not have enough cash notes/coin but they definitely have a cashless card for their daily shopping or transportation in Singapore.

  1. Increase Sales
  2. Fast and Convenient
  3. No more collection and handling of cash money notes/coins
  4. Reduce the administration, operation, and maintenance cost.
  5. Daily transaction report
  6. More robust (no mechanical part)
  7. Customer does not need to have the cash for the purchase.
  8. Machine does not need to return change or hold cash.


More and more customers are carrying less cash (coins and notes) in their wallet. Cashless is more convenient and fast. Improve and automate your sales by using a cashless payment system.

  • for Vending Machines
  • Washer/Dryer machines
  • Storage Cabinets
  • Ticketing machines
  • Payment Kiosks
  • Food voucher machines
  • Arcade gaming machines
  • Toy catcher machines
  • Kiddy Rides
  • Coffee Machine
  • Drinks Dispenser
  • Fresh Water dispenser

Cashless Payment for soft drinks dispenser mahine     Cashless Payment for snacks vending machines     Cashless Payment for Toy Catcher machine

Cashless Payment for Drink dispenser machine     Cashless Payment for Coffee Machine     Cashless payment for Kiddy Ride machine

Cashless Payment System for Machines

We offer Rental Package

For $5-$6 dollars a day, you will get to own your cashless payment system
to increase your sales and improve your operational efficiency.

Cashless Payment System Singapore

Package Monthly Rental Rate (2 years contract, billed yearly)
Internet connectivity available onsite. S$150 per month
No internet connectivity available onsite. S$180 per month

** Rental package is inclusive of integration work.

** Typical lead time for the engineering integration work takes about 6-8 weeks time.

** Price package is subjected to our project feasibility assessment.

Other charges

  • Per transaction charges (typically 0.8%, 1.6% to 3%).

Not inclusive of

  • Electrical and cabling installation.

Cashless Payment Mode

The following are the payment mode available to choose from,

  • Ez-Link (CEPAS) Ez-Link payment
  • Net FlashPay (CEPAS) NETS FlashPay payment
  • Visa PayWave Visa PayWave payment
  • MasterCard PayPass MasterCard Pay Pass payment
  • SGQR SG QR code payment

Custom Cashless Payment Integration

Send in your enquiry to PIC-CONTROL today for your customised cashless payment system.

Send in the following information,

  1. Photos of your machinery.
  2. Machine Documentation (User Manual, Technical Manual, etc…)



Microcontroller Firmware Programming Upload with MPLAB X IDE


This section provides fresh user a step-by-step instruction to upload your updated firmware (a program or machine codes) onto your circuit board using a Microchip microcontroller.

Microchip logo

Things That You Need To Prepare

  1. Your Microchip microcontroller circuit board
  2. Programmer Tool (PICkit)
  3. MPLAB X IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  4. Firmware (a hex code file *.hex or project files, containing the program of your controller)

Once you are prepared, you can proceed step-by-step to upload your firmware to your microcontroller.

Microchip Circuit Board

Most microchip circuit board design by PIC-CONTROL comes with a programming port which allows us to upload the program onto the microcontroller chip onboard.

There are standard microchip programming port also known as ICSP, which you can connect to with your programmer tool.

Programming Connector Port on your circuit board product

The programming port is usually located near the edge of your circuit board. It is a row of 6 holes grouped up with a rectangular box (2.54mm pitch header pins).

You must know how to identify the pin no.1 on this port. Pin number 1 of the footprint is indicated by a triangle arrow marking. You can also identify this pin 1 from the bevel corner on the rectangular box.

The following are some photos of how the ICSP programming port looks like on your circuit board.

ICSP programming port on PCB board     ICSP programming port on PCB board     ICSP programming port on PCB board

smd ICSP programming port on PCB board (without holes) ICSP (a special version without any holes)

You are suppose to connect the programmer tool to these ICSP port, with alignment to the pin 1.

Details of the procedure will be provided in the later section below.

Programmer Tool

You will need to get yourself a programmer tool. A programmer tools helps you to connect your computer to your microcontroller chip. It is used for uploading of the microcontroller firmware (controller program) onto the microcontroller on your circuit board.

There are a number of programmer tools which allows you to upload your firmware. In this example, we are using the official PICkit 3 or PICkit 4 programming tool from Microchip.

Other commonly known programming tools available are ICD4 (In-Circuit Debugger), ICD3, PM3 and REAL ICE.

Please take note of the pin no.1  on the programmer tool. You must identify this pin and align it to the pin 1 of the ICSP port on your circuit board.

PICkit 3 Programming Tool

PICkit 3 programmer tool

PICkit 3

PICkit 4 programmer tool

PICkit 4 (new version)

PICkit Programming Tool’s Pin-out

This is the PICkit programmer pin-out. This pin-out is also known as the ICSP programming port.

Please take note that the pin no.1 is identified by the triangular arrow head.

PICkit 3 programmer pin out

MPLAB X IDE (Integrated Development Environment for Microchip Microcontroller)

The last item that you need is the software which allows you to develop and upload your program to your microcontroller chip.

MPLAB X IDE is a free microchip microcontroller development software. It is a complete platform for your firmware coding development work.

What you should do now is to download the following,

  1. MPLAB X IDE software (Windows version).
  2. MPLAB XC Compiler.

Download & Install the MPLAB X IDE Software MPLAB X IDE

You can click on this shortcut link to download the latest MPLAB X IDE software (Windows version). If this links cannot work, please follow the steps here to download from the Microchip official website.

  1. Click here to go to the Microchip website for MPLAB X IDE software.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for the “Downloads” tab to click on.
  3. Go to the respective version (Windows, Linux or Mac) and download the software.
  4. As of this point in time the software is of version “MPLAB® X IDE v5.05

Install this software to your computer.

Download & Install the MPLAB X Compiler MPLAB XC Compiler

The compiler converts the programming source code into a machine code before you can upload the program into a microcontroller chip. Different microcontroller would requires its respective compiler. It is recommended to install all the compiler as follows.

Install these MPLAB XC8 and MPLAB XC16 compilers to your computer.

Step-by-Step Procedure to Upload Firmware to Microcontroller Chip

Now that you have your

  • Circuit Board
  • Programmer Tool


We can start to upload your project or *.hex file..


There are two modes of uploading firmware to the microcontroller.

  1. Method 1: Upload hex.* file (machine code) using MPLAB X IPE software.
  2. Method 2: Upload project (source code) using MPLAB X IDE software.

Method 1: Firmware upload using IPE Software

This method is usually used for the production. Programmer operators will be provided with a *.hex file for them to upload the firmware to the microcontroller chip.

The advantage of this method is that it is simple, and it do not expose your actual project source code.


Step 1: Launch the program MPLAB X IPE software.

IPE software launch up screen shot

Step 2: Under the section “Device:“, select the microcontroller part number that you want to load your firmware to. Refer to your schematic for the exact microcontroller part number.

Click on the button “Apply“.

IPE selecting microcontroller device

Step 3: Plug in your programmer tool to your computer.

You should notice that the software update the “Tool:” section once your tool is detected.

IPE programmer tool detected

Click on the button “Connect” to start connecting to your programmer.

You should see the following message printed out…


Connecting to MPLAB PICkit 3…

Currently loaded firmware on PICkit 3
Firmware Suite Version…..01.51.08 *
Firmware type…………..Enhanced Midrange

IPE programmer tool successfully connected

Step 4: Under the section “Hex File:“, load your *.hex file for your production. This is the machine code file for your circuit board. This is the only file required for the production.

For a start, this file is located in your project folder. For example…
Your project directory -> “yourProject.X\dist\default\production\yourProject.X.production.hex

Step 5: Connect your programmer tool to the ICSP port on your circuit board. Make sure that the pin 1 on your connector is aligned correctly. Then power up your board.

Step 6: Click on the button “Program” to start the uploading of your firmware to the microcontroller chip on your circuit board.

IPE program button

Yes, you are done. Congratulation.
Your board is successfully loaded with the firmware.

Method 2: Project source code upload using IDE Software

This method is usually used during the development. Engineer can edit the source code and upload the firmware changes onto the microcontroller chip directly.

It is recommended to maintain your firmware version while you are doing editing and improvement work. Keeping the original functioning version is a must. You can always fall back on the original copy if you mess up the project source codes.

Step 1: Launch the program MPLAB X IDE software.

MPLAB X startup screen

Step 2: Open up your project files. Go to File > Open Project…

Select your project files. It is the project folder which ends with *.X. For example “yourProject.X”

MPLAB X select project file

The project will loads up.

MPLAB X upload firmware to microcontroller IC chip

Step 3: Plug in your programmer tool to your computer.

Step 4: Connect your programmer tool to the ICSP port on your circuit board.
Make sure that the pin 1 on your connector is aligned correctly. Then power up your board.

Step 5: Click on the arrow down icon below the menu bar.
Select “Make and Program Device” to start the uploading of your firmware to the microcontroller chip on your circuit board.

Yes, you are done. Congratulation.
Your board is successfully loaded with the firmware.


For further details, you can check up the Microchip official website Microchip logo
or YouTube YouTube logofor a more detailed instructions.

Hotel Card Key Switch

Contactless Card Key Switch for
Hotel, Dormitory or Rental Room

This card key switch is designed to be activated by a contactless card. Only a contactless card can activate this switch for powering up the electrical system in a room. A normal card cannot trigger this card key

contactless hotel card key holder

Blue Glow Indicating Card Key Holder

Card key holder will glow softly in the dark to guide the guest to slot in their contactless card key.

The relay switch gets activated to turn on external power control system. The power system will switch on the electrical system in the room.


blue glowing hotel card key switch

Key Card Switch operated by RFID electronic circuit

Custom RFID reader circuit for hotel card key

RFID Switch BMS-RFS001-V1 circuit board for hotel card keyRFID Switch BMS-RF001-V1


RFID Switch product by PLC Systems Technik, Philippines

Note: Please take note that this is only the key card holder to detect the contactless card. It cannot be used to power up your electrical appliance. External power control system is required to power up the rest of the electrical appliances within the room. The following examples of high current appliances have to be powered up by an external interface.

  • Aircon
  • Lightings in the room
  • Heater
  • Fridge
  • TV
  • etc…

Other Custom RFID Products


Water Leakage Sensor | Detection & Monitoring

This page explores the various type of water sensor for the detecting of water leakage. These sensors are commonly used to detect water leakage from aircon condensation.

Aircon condensation water leakage is a very common sight in the industry. This problem is normally due to improper design and installation of the water drainage pipes. Water drainage pipes installed were too small resulting in water clogged by dust or mould when used over time. Some water drainage pipe was seen to be installed in a anti-gravity manner, which makes it impossible for any water to drain out.

->> Click here to learn more other problem relating to aircon water leakage.

It is important to ensure how these pipes are deployed during the installation process so that you will not be faced with water leakage issues.

If you are already facing the problem, consider reconstructing your water drainage system or implement the following sensor to reduce your trouble.

Aqua Switch Water Sensor

AquaBlock or Aqua switch is installed in water tray for detecting of water leak from aircon or pipes. It can also be mounted at a specific height in the tank to detect water level. The aqua switch is only a block and does not have any moving parts.

The sensor is a simple relay switch which will activate when water touches the sensor block.


  • No moving mechanical parts
  • Relay output (dry contact switch output)
  • Simple to install
  • Suitable for aircon water leaking detection

Water Leak Sensor Cable

This sensor looks like a yellow cable or rope. This sensor cable is typically laid on the floor or above the ceiling to detect water leakage. Any water touching this water sensor can be detected by the connected electronic sensor box. The cable can be place where water leakage is likely to befound.

Water leakage detection sensor for computer server room aircon leakage detection Click here for product information.

This type of sensor cable is commonly deployed in computer server room where there are many aircon system installed. Aircon leak is a common problem in a server room.

Other Type of Water Sensors

Check out our other pages for more water sensing technology.


Contact PIC-CONTROL for further information.

Cable Harness Tester Equipment

Tester for your cables harness production

Affordable Cable Tester

PIC-350 Cable Harness Connectivity Tester

PIC-350 Cable Harness Connectivity TesterPIC-350

KT210 Cable Tester (Low Cost)

CTS KT210 Cable TesterCTS Combined Test Solutions logo

1000RX Cable Tester (Low Cost)

CTS 1000RX Cable TesterCirris Systems logo


uTestem Electrical Analyzer for cable harnessEMDEP logo

PAL1570 PC Cable-Check Cable Tester

Cable Depot PAL1570 PC cable testercable depot logo

PC Cable Tester

PC Cable TesterHobbes Innovation logo

Multi FunctionCable Tester Pro

Multi Function Cable Tester ProLindy Connection Perfection

CT-16 Cable Tester

CT-16 Cable TesterWireBasics logo



High-End Cable Tester

8740N Cable Harness Tester

Microtest 8740N Cable Harness TesterMicrotest logo

Cable Eye M2U Full Cable Tester

CAMI CableEye Full Cable TesterCAMI Research logo

UT8080 Series

UT8080 Cable Harness PCB FPC TesterUTRON logo

Benair B857 Connection Tester

Benair B857 Connection Tester

NX Hipot Test System

Hipot Tester for cablesDynalab logo



High Voltage Cable Tester

CableEye HVX

CAMI CableEye High Voltage TesterCAMI Research logo



Customised Your Own Cable Tester

Customised design and made cable tester for your production testing

PIC-CONTROL can help you design and custom made a cable tester for your production needs.

A dedicated test can be designed onto the tester.

  • Basic connectivity check for the connection to the correct pin on the connectors.
  • Ohm test or resistivity test for your wires and connectors.
  • High voltage test, to ensure the wires are properly insulated.
  • High-speed data or RF test to ensure signal integrity quality of your assembled cable.


Other Relevant Products

Wire Connector Checker


Cable Harness Tester

Cable Harness Connectivity Tester | PIC-350

PIC-350 Cable Harness Connectivity Tester


Improve your efficiency and quality of your cable harness assembly production using this cable harness tester. Fast checking to ensure that your harness wiring is done correctly by your operators.

  • Testing of cable harness connectivity for your production line.
  • A portable tester for onsite cable checking.
  • Using it as an electrical wire tester to check for electrical connection.
  • Automated connection checking on PCB board.
  • Multiple wire cable tester.

This cable tester is also designed for interfacing to your existing equipment machinery and computer to allow for a fully automated testing system.


  • Reduce production time.
  • Reduce labour cost.
  • Improve quality with reduced defects.
  • Suitable for small to large scale cable production

Simple To Use

This cable harness tester is designed to be simple to you. You can train the tester with your working set of cable harness. The tester will base on this master cable harness to test if the subsequent cables.

PIC-350 Cable Harness Connectivity Tester          Cable wiring production testing tool (with a Start TEST button)

To make your testing production process easier, you can connect the mating connector for your cable harness to the tester first. This allows you to connect your cable harness faster to the tester. You can connect the wire to any terminal. There is no specific port to connect because this tester can self-learn your cable connection. Simply ensure that all your wires are connected to one of the screw terminals. The tester can learn and memories the connection of your good working master cable harness connection.

Once the tester has learned the wiring connection from your cable harness, you can start to test your production cables using the same connection. A green light flash indicating “Passed means that the cable matches the master cable connectivity. A red light flashing indicates a “Failed” test. There will also be a beep sound option to allow the operator to know the test status without them having to pay attention to the light indicator.

Basic Features

This cable harness tester provides the basic testing of your harness wiring connection to your connectors. Ensure your production quality by checking all the connection on your cable harness.

Cable Harness Wire TesterCable Harness Wire Tester

  • Low-cost cable connection tester kit.
  • Checking the open/close connection between all the wire terminals on your cable.
  • Small size, light weight (easy portable).
  • Power using USB from wall plug or via portable power bank.
  • Beep sound alert (enable or disable).
  • Auto-start testing when the cable is connected or manual press button to start.
  • Screw terminal to allow you to easily setup with your own connector for your cable harness test.
  • Master connection learned will still be retained after power-off.

The test method implemented in this cable tester uses pulse signal through each and every pin to detect if a particular connection is open or close. The continuity result will be checked with the learned master connection to determine if the connection is correct.

General purpose cable connection continuity checking. The screw terminals provide you with the flexibility to use this tester for any of your cable harness connectors. If you prefer to have a specific connector tailor-made for your cable harness assembly, you can contact us for your customisation.

Enhance Features

Cable Harness Wire TesterTester powered by USB cable

  • View details test report using a computer or laptop via the USB connection.
  • Allows interface to an external switch or light indicators.
  • Allows cascade of more testers to test for more wiring connection.

This cable tester can operate with only a power supply. When connected to a computer/laptop the tester can display a detailed connectivity report of the assembled cable harness. You can use this report to find out how this cable harness is assembled, how each individual pins is connected to each other. A handy instrument tool for reverse engineering of any unknown cables.

You can use the following software to view the cable tester connectivity report.

  • Download -> Cable tester terminal software.

Custom cable tester design service

We can custom made to have your connectors on board so that it is neat (without connecting wires) and cater specially for your particular cable harness.

The tester can also be designed with a PCB board adaptor. This allows you to swap the connector type to match the connector of your cable harness assembly. It can also be custom made to fit your test jig fixture or machines, to allow for a fully automated production system.

For a customised wire connection testing for your unique cable’s connector, please contact us with your design requirements.


Cable Harness Tester

Click here for more other cable harness tester products.


Other Custom Tester Services

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More electronic stuffs.

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Electronic Manufacturing Service (Mass Production, Box Build)

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