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Alarm System with Mute switch

A mini custom alarm which will buzz loudly when an emergency event occurred. Sound can only be mute manually, which can ensure personnel is aware of any critical event. The alarm will buzz again every 30 minutes if the event is not resolved.

Alarm with Mute switchAlarm with Mute switchAlarm with Mute switch

Alarm with Mute switchAlarm with Mute switch

This custom alarm has an internal buzzer/sounder with a power input and a trigger interface for the alarm. The input can trigger the alarm through external contact switch (or dry contact). The alarm will buzz indefinite until the trigger input is release. The buzzing alarm can be temporary be muted for 30 minutes by pressing the mute switch.

A custom built alarm buzzer, alert staff for any critical event.

Video: Alarm with Mute switch.avi

This alarm is can be customised for other timing required.